Aussies love beetroot! But we don’t love the mess and fuss of preparing it. Thankfully, we’ve uncovered a way to make enjoying sweet and healthy beetroot easy. Love Beets fresh-cooked beetroot is free from additives and preservatives. Peeled and cooked in nothing but its own juices, Love Beets is ready to eat straight out of the packet. The vacuum-seal cooking process locks in the flavour and goodness of Love Beets and means they can be stored at room-temperature for up to 6 months, providing the perfect pantry staple!

Love Beets

Our Story

We launched our beetroot processing facility in the country town of Bairnsdale, Victoria in 2013. Perched on the Gippsland doorstep, this location provided the ideal location for local beetroot supply to our facility. Australian grown Love Beets are now proudly sold in supermarkets across the nation and exported to Asia. Love Beets is also a global brand available in Europe, USA and Canada.

Love Beets are the perfect addition to salads, sandwiches or smoothies just as they are, cooked into hearty meals for an earthy flavour, or even added to cakes and brownies for sweetness and a beautiful red colour. Visit our Recipes page for more ideas!

We now also make a range of flavoured and ready to eat Love Potatoes. Visit the website to find out more!

Australian Love Beets® is proudly part of the OneHarvest family of companies. OneHarvest is an Australian, family owned business, having delivered fresh produce to Australians for around 30 years.