Love Beets dresses up Aussie salads with new Marinated Beetroot!

Love Beets

Love Beets is adding fun and flavour to Aussie’s favourite salads! 

Salad has a bit of a bad rep for being boring, underwhelming and in need of a good dressing. Love Beets Australia are about to change all that! 

From September 2020, families across the country will be tossing out their bland, uninspiring salad recipes and refreshing their meals with the ultimate salad topper! Brand new Love Beets marinated beetroot is vibrant, colourful and bursting with flavour – grown by our local Aussie farmers, right on your doorstep!

Bite-sized pieces of Aussie grown beetroot is packaged in convenient resealable pouch, ready for to be used in a multitude of meals! The easy-opening, resealable packaging is ready to rip and tip beetroot wedges into your favourite recipe and can be easily stored in the fridge if you don’t use it all at once.

Each baby beetroot is carefully sown, grown and harvested with care by local Aussie farmers. From farm to fork we delicately marinade each beetroot wedge with tasty flavours and cook it to perfection, ready to be enjoyed as snacks, salad toppers and so much more!

Chilli Love Beets spices up the earthy flavour of beetroot with a mild heat that’s perfect for the entire family to enjoy. With each bite the flavour profile strengthens with a delicious aftertaste and hints of chilli.

Balsamic Love Beets, are true to the popular combination of balsamic vinegar and sweet beets. Its rich and slightly sweet undertones readily lend themselves to fresh salads with creamy feta, gourmet tarts or hearty roasting veggies.

You won’t be able to miss our Love Beets Balsamic or Chilli Beetroot with their bright and vibrant packaging. The brand new range can be found in Harris Farm Markets, as well as select Green Grocers and IGAs, next to salad leaf in the fresh produce fridges!

OneHarvest and Love Beets Australia take pride in knowing our processes and practices are simple, authentic and homegrown. Its real food straight from Aussie farms with a delicious burst of flavour. The kind of food you feel good about eating!