Pickle your Love Beets

Love Beets

We all LOVE Love Beets, fresh out of the packet. But for a little extra zing of flavor why not try lightly pickling?

This method will keep them tasting fresh, crisp and retain the nutrients. Vinegar acts as a mild pickling agent and covering them completely with liquid keeps them hydrated whilst also keeping oxygen out to prevent bacterial growth.

  • Cut open the packet and drain juice into a jug
    Place a jug in the sink to avoid excess mess. Poke a hole in the packet and drain all of the liquid into the jug before removing the beetroot into an airtight container.
  • Make preserving mixture
    Combine the beetroot juice with 1 tbsp vinegar and 1 cup water.
  • Pour over and seal
    Pour the preserving mixture over the beetroot until they are covered with liquid. If you are using a larger container, double the preserving mixture.

Other ways to preserve your beets are:

Tip: Love Beets taste great, but can be a bit messy. To clean beet stains off your skin rub salt and lemon juice on your hands before washing with soapy water. The same works for chopping boards and your bench – because we all know the pink stain can be hard to avoid when working with beets!